Below we outline you the main services we provide you in relation to your Real Estate transaction:

1.- Valuation of your property accordingly to the current market situation.

2.- Photographic and video report.

3.- Advertising in our web page and the most important Real Estate websites.

4.- Place signs in the property.

5.- Advertising in the windows of the shop-office.

6.- Promotion of the property amongst the possible buyers of our data base looking for a property in the area.

7.- Prepare the paperwork, drafting the contracts and attendance when signing the contracts.

8.- Document management ( banks, taxes and paperwork pertaining the Land Registry).

9.- Prepare and ask for the draft of the title deeds to the Notary, review the draft, legal advice and attendance when signing.

10.- Deal with all the paperwork to contract the water, electricity and gas.

We are at your disposal to solve any doubt or obstacle during the transaction of your property. You can be sure we will assist you in the most effective and professional way.

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